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About Us: The AB Small Business Marketing Story

Originally established in 2004 as Marketing and Sales Solutions the name was changed in 2008 to A & B Small Business Marketing and then again in 2010 to finally rest upon AB Small Business Marketing. ( It was easier to remember and spell) Ultimately, we wanted to be involved in making your business MORE successful. At AB Small Business Marketing, we are more than just another consulting group. We become “your partner”, your satellite department, and much more than that, we develop creative marketing programs that work.

Our purpose is simple: to work closely with our clients to convert insights into tactics and strategies that will have a substantially positive impact on building brands and increasing revenue.

In our truest form, we are working at a senior level with your organization, but without the associated expense of being a salaried employee. When we work with your organization, we believe it’s not just important to develop an effective marketing plan, but it’s imperative to find savings in core operating expenses; we want to find the areas and things you are paying too much for and find affordable, competitive solutions.

AB Small Business Marketing uses unique, inspired and creative ideas that allow our clients to win more customers. At AB Small Business Marketing, we are a full-service marketing agency; our powerful blend of strategy, creativity and analytics puts our clients out front in their markets. We balance short-term business needs against long-term growth goals.

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