So What Is Canvassing?
Definition- Canvassing is the systematic initiation of direct contact with a target group of individuals commonly used as a lead generation source. A Canvass team will knock on doors of private residences within a particular geographic area, engaging in face-to-face personal interaction with potential customers. Canvassing neighborhoods to generate sales and advertise your business’s unique message is one of the more affordable and consistent tools of direct marketing.
Differences Between Canvassing and Soliciting
Canvassers go door-to-door distributing literature and information in promotion of a business or service. Canvassers will engage in conversation and deliver a verbal script accompanied with your company’s marketing materials. When possible, a canvasser will set up an appointment for a later date and time for a member of your company to make a sales call.

Door-to-Door Solicitation requires a point of sale. That means if you’re selling a product or exchanging money with the homeowners directly after you’re knocking then it is solicitation. This is a crucial distinction because many communities and neighborhoods require businesses who are soliciting to homeowners to have a “Peddler or Solicitation Permit”. Failure to have the proper permit can result in MAJOR fines and continuous harassment by local law enforcement.

Canvassing, however, is not only legal…but constitutionally protected.

So Why Canvass?
Keep Salesmen happy by insulating them from the excessive day-to-day rejection of door-to-door cold calling.
Ensures a constant flow of high quality set appointments through direct local marketing.
This is the only form of advertising that can guarantee your salesmen will have appointments to run generated by canvassing. No matter how much money you throw into your current advertising budget, your advertising rep cannot promise your phones will ring. Canvassers set the appointments for your salesmen in the field.
Saves you money in advertising by identifying your target market and asking them in person if they have a need for your services. They identify their need and then canvassers offer the opportunity to learn about a solution.
If you or your company has been considering the possibilities of generating your own leads through a program, or building your own team to ensure your sales staff has appointments to run, instead of waiting for the phones to ring, call AB and get a canvass team knocking.
The national average time for pulling one set appointment is one hour. How many opportunities for sales is that after two weeks?
Allows for face-to-face contact with a resident so information can be presented to address personal or site specific concerns in a way that generic information cannot. Professional canvassing conveys a sense of urgency to residents, because the action being requested is immediately at their doorstep.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Canvass?
Because it’s hard… It takes a lot of practice and experience to quickly organize, train, and execute a great direct marketing program like canvassing. Typically, the two major reasons why canvassing is dismissed by businesses that could certainly benefit from it are: Companies don’t know the proper way to develop and implement a canvassing program, and therefore shoot it down before it ever gets going, these companies will usually come to the conclusion that canvassing wouldn’t work for them when in fact, they never even tried. Or companies try canvassing, but they don’t know how to properly manage it and they don’t get the results they should get from a properly run canvassing program, and finally give up on it.
How Can My Business Start Canvassing?
AB Small Business Marketing does not believe in the “One size fits all” solution. Each business is as unique as their industry. We’ve been building, managing, and administrating profitable canvass teams for many businesses in a variety of industries for over a decade. While canvassing for profit was originally employed primarily by the remodeling & insurance industries, most businesses can maintain successful and profitable canvass programs.

1st – Call AB at (269) 532-1500 to start your path to a successful canvassing program today!
2nd – Schedule a FREE consultation with a canvass expert to assess your business’ strategy.

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