Commission Marketing

Commission Marketing: We Only Make Money When You Do

What is Commission Marketing and Why Should I Consider It?

Commission Marketing is a new type of marketing that AB Small Business Marketing created tailored for small businesses on a pre-established commission rate, the rate is based only on the increased sales of the business, and only for the time period we service the business.

Why AB Small Business Marketing? Imagine small business owners being able to sub-contract a full time marketing department. If you’ve ever heard the slogan “you can’t work on your business when you’re working in your business”, try working with experienced local Marketing and Advertising specialist. We’re so sure of our ability to increase your business… we only work on commission.

We bring a proven track record and reputation of credibility of great working relationships with local small business owners throughout South West Michigan. We have become well known for growing small businesses affordably.

AB Small Business Marketing is a risk free way for a Small Business owners to try something new and work with experienced professionals, using proven marketing techniques, while benefiting from new aggressive direct marketing strategies. It’s a way for a small business to use marketing specialists for FREE.

What are you waiting for? Lets get started growing your business today!

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