Direct Mail

The Four Steps of Direct Mail Success
1) Target

Direct mail offers businesses to advertise only to their target market, those consumers who are most likely to buy your product or service. With accurate mailing lists – we employ a variety of national and local resources to ensure that our mailing lists hit that target audience for maximum exposure.

•Residential – by neighborhood, carrier route, or zip code.
•Business – by zip code, SIC code, size of company, etc.
•Consumers – all demographics and target groups available.
•New Residents – Reach new residents in your community every month.
•Subscriber Lists – target the subscriber list from most magazines and periodicals.
•Behavioral Lists – to target those individuals with special hobbies.

*New residents are your hottest prospects. They are the recently relocated members of your community. These families moved here from outside the area and are the new customers your business needs.

2) Design

Be unique in message and appearance with unforgettable and award winning graphic design. Dynamic graphic design delivers your message, drives sales and differentiates you from your competitors. Here at AB we promise these services at the most affordable rate available.

3) Print & Mail

Our postcard printing is of the highest quality. With a wide variety of paper stocks competitively priced we are able to direct mail any style of postcard with your hand tailored message. With our Complete Mailing Services, we do all the work for you, and give you huge savings on printing, mailing, and postage.

4) Lumpy Mail

Be Unique! With lumpy mail you have a higher chance of your materials being opened and read then with regular postcards. Although Lumpy mail is sometimes at a higher cost, you will traditionally receive a much higher return on investment then with postcards. To find out more about lumpy mail contact us today.

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