Direct Marketing

Get Your Message Out!
In today’s market it is important not just to construct an effective marketing piece but also to make sure that piece is delivered to the right people. A great flyer does nothing if it just sits in a coffee house or in your office. With that in mind we developed a one of a kind distribution system that gets your message out and into the hands of potential customers. We tailor every distribution system to each individual client to guarantee effectiveness.

Canvass Teams
Businesses and organizations looking for a low-cost way to produce consistent sales opportunities within a specific market have found canvassing as a perfect solution. Start by crafting and delivering a simple sales message, and then distribute it to everyone who might be interested. Canvassing avoids the obnoxious strain of soliciting, while delivering consistent results through a fixed cost program where you are GUARANTEED to bring in ten times what you spend.

Flyer Distribution
Door hanger and flyer distribution is a proven and reliable way of getting your message out. It’s as grassroots as you can get and is the perfect way to advertise a new store opening, an annual sale, or a new product launch. Door hangers and flyers will get your media directly into your clients’ hands. Our distributions are exclusive, meaning your door hanger or flyer won’t get distributed with another company’s advertisement. The main point behind flyer marketing campaigns is inexpensive direct advertising.

Promotional Events
Interacting face-to-face with your target audience is vital for brand advocacy. Our access to enthusiastic brand ambassadors, coupled with extensive pre-event research and strategic location scouting, guarantees quality interactions with consumers. We train each employee on your product so that when they’re out in the field distributing your materials, they’re also generating potential leads and customers. In addition we provide services to make sure your event is displaying the right image to the right target market.

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