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Essential Business Services

New Business Services
You are not alone, millions of new businesses are started every year. All business owners share common frustrations and are concerned about the statistic that 4 of 5 new businesses go out of business every year. All new businesses begin with a vision, if you have that; we can take care of the rest. Maybe you’re already in business, but not finding it so simple. That’s because it’s not easy to run a small business in today’s world. AB has the tools and experience in helping new or entry-level businesses find customers, and most importantly GROW in pursuit of their vision.

A few key elements we offer to new businesses are:

Logo and Website Creation
Supplier and Financing Providers
Business Plan Development
Market Research

World Class Sales Systems

Existing Businesses
Whether it’s successfully executing a single program, improving a sales system, filling up the schedule, or managing an entire marketing and sales department, AB has the experience and tools to execute even the most complex objectives. The AB team brings marketing professionals with decades of experience, proven sales team building, with a variety of software and graphic professionals. Why hire a single employee, when you can have an entire team at your disposal on a daily basis. We are champions of growing small businesses.

Performance Based Compensation Structures
Search Engine Optimization and Online Services
Marketing and Sales Consulting
Create Co-ops and Promotion
Distribution Services

Customer Profiling

Struggling Businesses
Bottom line, you need to cut costs and bring in more revenue. Marketing works…but how far does your budget go on your own. Marketing is the only business expense that brings money into a company. Let AB work with you on a commission based scale to hit the numbers you need to, at an affordable level. AB has the ability to implement performance based compensation systems to increase revenue while reducing overhead, often down to 1/3 of previous levels. We even review all of your expenses finding ways to lower your costs. AB has a proven track record at successfully re-structuring struggling businesses and reviving deflated entrepreneurs.

Overhead Reduction
Lead Generation Services
Data Mining Programs
Demographics Analysis
Sales Support

Turning it around and getting out of the red!

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