Kalamazoo Marketing

Kalamazoo has much to offer small businesses searching for new and effective ways to increase sales and financial performance. According to the 2010 Federal Census, Kalamazoo alone has nearly 250,000 permanent residents, with nearly 1/3 of the total population of adults having obtained at least a bachelor’s degree, and nearly 2/3 of the total population being homeowners. This should mean opportunity to the entrepreneur.

Many area small business owners are utilizing “B2B” or Business-to-Business Marketing. This is essentially a cooperative approach by non-competing business owners to share marketing strategies, cost, and in some cases, prospects. Despite the simple description provided above, this approach has proven to be very challenging for most entrepreneurs to successfully implement. There are nearly 20,000 small businesses located in Kalamazoo that are competing for their share of the total pie. AB Small Business Marketing can navigate this confusing process by setting up and administering profitable and secure relationships, which increase revenue for all participants.

For several decades now, Kalamazoo, like cities all over the world, has been applying marketing techniques and increasingly adopting a marketing philosophy to meet their operational and strategic goals. Marketing within the City of Kalamazoo has grown into an established field of research and an academic sub discipline. As a result we coined the term “Kalamazoo Marketing”. Kalamazoo Marketing is a set of tactics that are suggested and essential to thrive in the city of Kalamazoo.
Kalamazoo Marketing Tactics

Kalamazoo is a place that values community relationships and where people love to talk about their experiences. Being a part of the local Kalamazoo community is essential in thriving in the market. Sponsor sports teams, give to local charities, host local events, and talk to customers.

Kalamazoo has a very unique demographic where every business can thrive. With a wide variety of home values and cultures, Kalamazoo is the perfect place for any new start up to begin, all they need is effective marketing to grow their business.

Kalamazoo marketing often entails tapping into the massive student populations. Hosting one of the largest universities in the Midwest, Western Michigan University provides year round event marketing opportunities to those business owners looking to tap into the college market. Kalamazoo is also the home of Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Davenport University among multiple other educational facilities. The presences of these institutions solidify Kalamazoo as the home of one of the largest college population bases in the Midwest. However it is important to make sure your business does not strictly appeal to students, as you will need the local Kalamazoo non-student population to thrive.

Event Marketing opportunities in Kalamazoo are endless and are a part of the core Kalamazoo Marketing strategy. Few cities dedicate a specific event area, in this case, an entire park, to hosting large events all year round like Kalamazoo does with Arcadia Park located in downtown Kalamazoo. Minutes from thousands of local businesses, Arcadia Park is full each weekend for eight months a year, pushing surrounding business’s register sales higher and higher. Arcadia Park is but one of many consistent venue opportunities available to area businesses. Kalamazoo provides several other community events each year such as the Art Hop, tailgating at athletic events, sidewalk sales, seasonal festivals, and smaller events off and on all year round. If you’re a small business owner, you should really be taking advantage of this luxury, and make it apart of your Kalamazoo Marketing strategy.

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