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Maximizing Your Sales

Trying to Increase Your Sales Potential?
At AB Small Business Marketing, we analyze your business and find areas where it’s possible to increase prospects and sales. We also analyze any areas were we can lower costs from marketing to production, thus giving you higher margins. In some cases we are even able to increase prices and increase sales at the same time. All of this goes towards decreasing your bottom line and increasing your revenue.

Maximizing Your Sales Force
Already have a successful sales force but want to maximize each prospect? Having trouble bringing in prospects? Let us help! The AB Small Business Marketing senior account executives can come in to identify and maximize sales opportunities and develop long-term relationships within target accounts with our research based process.

Create win-win opportunities, increase profit margins, and strengthen client relationships with effective negotiation strategies, skills, and tools.

While sales are the lifeline of any business, the best sales approach during any economy does not involve a complex or abstract theory, but is based on the concept of simply doing right by your customers and proving that you are their ally in solving their problems. Relationship selling is the means of developing this bond and is built on a three-step process of knowing you, liking you and then trusting you.

AB Small Business Marketing’s solution oriented approach to selling is relationship selling, which adds to your overall value proposition. Simply put, the value you bring to the relationship will ultimately make the difference in your future with the client.

Developing a daily plan for your activity is an absolute must to consistently deliver the highest levels of sales performance. There is little doubt that the ability to maximize your time and what you can accomplish daily is essential to your consistent sales force performance.

Avoid scheduling too many un-qualified appointments or other activities daily so you can invest more quality time with qualified prospects. AB Small Business Marketing has a unique one-of-a-kind system to consistently qualify prospects and improve closing rates.

AB can handle all prospect, customer inquiries or requests immediately, efficiently and expeditiously. Don’t “put them off until later.” Do it when their requests or questions are fresh on your mind, and theirs.

Prepare your daily to-do list the previous afternoon or evening so it’s ready in the morning.

Carry an easily accessible list of your top 10-15 prospects so that you can maximize bits of unused time to contact them.

Take time to relax, plan, schedule, visualize your success, and organize yourself. AB Small Business Marketing can help with these daily challenges. Contact us and lets get started on growing your business today!

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