Sales Force Building

Don’t have a sales force? Want one? AB Small Business Marketing specializes in building sales force teams that produce high numbers and high volume sales. We start off slowly, first by assessing your current staff, then by bringing in fresh, highly qualified people and training sales personal for you under our professional sales consultants’ assistance.

If you have a sales force, but are repeatedly not hitting your goals, AB Small Business Marketing can help. There are several stages that properly trained sales professionals go through. Identifying them is the beginning of building a sales force.

Stage 1: Novice
At this stage, the sales professional relies too much on the other team members because they are still in the learning stages. The novice may place too much importance on a single prospect and neglect the importance of effective prospect management.

Stage 2: Contributor
At this stage, the contributor works more autonomously than the novice and can anticipate prospect expectations and manage the sales cycle more effectively. A common challenge is an unwillingness to reach out to other team members for help in securing larger and more complex deals.

Stage 3: Performer
At this stage, the performer serves as a role model for the entire sales force and assist in the completion of large and complex sales. Performers tend to have a deep experience base and superior people skills.

Stage 4: Leader
At this stage, the leader chooses to assume a coordinating role in the sales teams activities, they are also comfortable developing and supporting new talent. Leaders strive to articulate the company vision and support key partnerships that arise within the sales force.

Stage 5: Builder
At this stage the builder channels their entire personality into the mission of building the company. Builders are committed to the long-term success of the group.

Understanding and identifying what stage your sales personnel are at in their career will help you to build your team. Our account executive can come in and evaluate your team or build you one from the ground up. Don’t wait for your sales force to drag you down! Call Today and start building an effective sales force.

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