Sales Training

Give your organization a competitive edge with one of AB Small Business Marketing’s custom built training programs. Choose from a wide variety of our value based sales training programs that is best suited for the challenges you are facing with your program.

Professional Sales Training includes detailed assessments of your current target market and the best way for salesman to reach that target market.

We consistently facilitate record-breaking sales for our client’s companies, teaching them how to follow the Action Selling Process and how to use key Sales Skills that consistently win business.

Our Business Sales Training Programs focus on key Sales Skills that drive sales success. Take our free Benchmark Sales Assessment to measure your ability in using the following key skills.

Buyer Seller Relationship

Sales Call Planning

Questioning Skills

Sales Presentation Skills

Gaining Commitment

Natural Selling then combines these skills into a high-impact, non-manipulative procedure that moves the sale forward – naturally, by following the decision making process of the buyer.

AB Small Business Marketing will customize a system to fit your company’s unique needs, measure the impact, and provide on-going reinforcement with hands on support.

Whether it is a face to face sales (one and two call closes), phone based sales (telemarketing and scripting), business to business, or a wide variety of other sale situations. A&B’s experienced, professional sales consultants can come in and provide a training program that is guaranteed to improve your percentages.

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