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Marketing Research And Customer Profiling
AB Small Business Marketing offers an affordable way to do market research and customer profiling, This means small businesses can increase their ROI and Response Rates with valuable data that will let you know how and what to sell to your customers.

What is Customer Profiling?
Profiles can be demographically or behaviorally based, and the difference is very important to your business.

Many people think using your customer data is about creating a customer “profile.” It’s a hot topic. Everybody wants to do it. But what is a customer profile? Here are 2 types of customer profiles:

-A Customer is married, has children, lives in an upscale neighborhood, and reads Time magazine
-A Customer visited the site every day for 2 months, but has not visited the site at all in the past 2 weeks

The first profile is demographic, a set of characteristics. The second profile is behavior-based, involving what the customer is actually doing.

Which seems more important to you?

They’re both important in their own ways. For someone advertising, or deciding on content for a website, the first profile is usually important, because it defines the market for advertising sales and provides clues towards editorial direction. These are important considerations in attracting customers and generating revenue in the first stages of an online project.

The second profile is about action, behavior, and for anybody concerned about what their customers are doing, this example is more important than the first. Will they visit again? Will they buy again? These are the questions answered by looking at behavior. Customer behavior is a much stronger predictor of your future relationship with a customer than demographic information ever will be.

Why Should I do Market Research? And How Does it Work?

Marketing Research can be a key component in increasing your sales. With marketing research you may be able to offer a service consumers have said they wanted, or you could improve upon an area within your industry that you didn’t know had problems. In addition you can see what your brand recall ranking is and more importantly marketing research will let you know what kind of marketing message you should be sending and what kind of call to action will cause a consumer to buy. With marketing research you literally ask a customer how they prefer to shop for your product or service and then make sure your implementing the right business procedures.

How does it work?

AB Small Business Marketing uses the qualitative survey approach by surveying the people who match your customer profile and target market to find out valuable information. We commission profession survey administrators to gather the data from your target market where ever they can commonly be found. Once the data is collected, our professional staff analyzes it, and the results are used to tailor a professional marketing campaign. A real example of how this was useful would be a lawn care and snow plow client we have worked with in the past. We found that customers were extremely interested in group rates and were distraught with how poorly trained most lawn care employees were. By highlighting group rates and many other key words we found on the survey we were able to deliver a marketing campaign that had a much higher response rates then previously experienced. Many of our clients have found this service to be an extremely valuable in staying relevant to their customers and to make sure that their business stays relevant.

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